There is growing evidence that some mild anxieties and depression result from thoughts which emanate from the following believes

  1. I can't cope
  2. I am not good enough
  3. I am unlovable


Suicide is the act of deliberately killing oneself.

Suicide attempt is used to mean any non-fatal suicidal behaviour and refers to intentional self-inflicted poisoning, injury or self-harm which may or may not have a fatal intent or outcome.
It is important to acknowledge the implications and complexities of including self-harm in the definition of “Suicide attempt”. This means that non-fatal self-harm without suicidal intent is included under this term, which is problematic due to the possible variations in related interventions. However, suicide intent can be difficult to assess as it may be surrounded by ambivalence or even concealment.
In addition, cases of deaths as a result of self-harm without suicidal intent, or suicide attempts with initial suicidal intent where a person no longer wishes to die but has become terminal, may be included in data on suicide deaths. Distinguishing between the two is difficult, so it is not possible to ascertain what proportions of cases are attributable to self-harm with or without suicidal intent.

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