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 Medical School memory

My medical school memories of Dr Catherine Syengo Mutisya is that she was a front bencher and a very quiet girl. She was the first of my classmates to settle down. She is one of the two of #MillenniumClassOf2000 who specialized in psychiatry. The other Class of 2000 psychiatrist is Dr Wainaina Alex, now a Jesuit priest with the Catholic Church. 

Suicide prevention day

I caught up with her ironically on Suicide Prevention Day as she was creating material on suicide prevention awareness and also finalizing an article for the “Medical Focus (Vol 2 No 2 Sep/Oct issue 2020) titled - Schizophrenia : A Guide to Patient’s Health for Health Care Providers who are involved in HIV, TB and Mental Health. In August 2020 Dr Mutisya presented at one of the Kenya Medical Association (KMA) Webinars for Health care workers. Her discussion on 'How to process Loss and Grief associated with the COVID 19 Pandemic Period' was very informative. 


I often meet Dr Mutisya in the corridors and board rooms of KMA Centre, the headquarters of KMA. Her office is located on the third floor.  She has served in the KMA Housing Committee as an executive. 

Contribution to the society

Dr Catherine Mutisya works as a senior consultant psychiatrist at the Mathari National Teaching & Referral Hospital. At the MOH Medical board she is often called upon to assess patients who need to retire on medical grounds. She also runs the Nairobi Parenting Clinic and Nairobi Mental Health Services. With her team she has been doing mental health promotion by sensitizing parents and teachers on prevention of mental disorders, identification and referral of mental disorders and spreading of anti-stigma messages through the media. She is keen on offering affordable Mental Health Services. Dr Mutisya also does a lot of counseling and detox for victims of substance abuse and addiction, a field I have some interests in. She was a member of the Mental Health Task force that produced and disseminated a report on Mental Health in Kenya amidst the Covid 19 Pandemic. 

Honors & Recognition

For her endevours in creating Mental Health awareness she has been twice  nominated to the Business Daily- Kenya's Top 40 Under 40 Women in 2010 and 2014. She has been featured in Eve’s Magazine in an article titled 'Psychiatrist Dr Catherine Syengo Mutisya: Beyond the call'. She has featured in Nation Media and on Royal media's Strength Of A Woman. She is the vice chairperson of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, African International Division. 

But why did she choose Psychiatry?

Almost as a journey of self discovery Dr Mutisya said “I grew up with an elder brother who had severe intellectual disability. He was more of the 'baby' in the family and needed all the care and attention. My parents struggled to bring him up. In addition, one of my uncles lived with schizophrenia.  My dad would bring him to stay with us whenever he had a relapse as he sought proper medical care for him. They would often have to wake up early to travel from Kitui County to Machakos General Hospital, which at the time was the nearest facility that offered psychiatric services. I chose to specialize in psychiatry to understand and manage the illnesses I encountered as I grew up

Family life

She met her husband who she met at the University of Nairobi.  Of him she says “Mutisya has been my best friend. He is very supportive and I know I can always count on him. I was the most important person in his life. I am confident that as we enter the stage of “empty nest” we are good to go!” 

Their first born is currently pursuing a Masters in Biomedical Engineering and the last born will join University next year.

Did you know that Dr Catherine Syengo Mutisya
-  Headed the Substance Abuse Management & Mental Health Promotion at the Ministry of Health
- Has been Deputy Medical Superintendent Mathari National Teaching & Referral Hospital
Has won best worker of the year award at Mathari NTRH
- Was a Chief Registrar Psychiatry
Scored a straight A from Muthale Girls Secondary School

As narrated by Dr Catherine Syengo Mutisya, Psychiatrist


Dr Simon M. Kigondu

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